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Boiler Service £85 (vat free) 

Boiler Service

You may think that having your boiler serviced is an unnecessary expense, particularly if it's working well. Over time deposits in your boiler build up which not only prevent it from working to it's full capacity but could lead to the production of Carbon Monoxide. Regular servicing will ensure these deposits are removed, leaving your boiler working safely, efficiently and to the manufacturers specifications. 

Avoiding Costly Breakdowns

All boilers will suffer wear and tear which may increase the chances of it breaking down. With annual servicing any minor faults will show up and can be fixed relatively cheaply. However, problems that are left too long could lead to a breakdown which may leave you without heating or hot water and could be very costly to repair. Don't leave it to chance, book your boiler service today. To make an appointment call us on 01635 226393 or book on line.

Keeping Your Family Safe 

Carbon Monoxide, known as "The Silent Killer", is responsible for approximately 50 deaths a year. You can't see or taste it and you can't smell it but it can kill quickly and without warning. Although most modern boilers are extremely safe, regular servicing will ensure there are no deadly leaks which could cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Combining a boiler service with a gas safety check will give you peace of mind that all your gas appliances are safe to use. 

Maintaining your Warranty and Insurance Policy

You should check the terms of your boiler's warranty and your home insurance policy. Most boiler manufacturer's and insurers will require you to have a regular service carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer in order for the warranty and policy to remain valid.

Gas Safety Certificate

Currently only landlords are required by the Gas Safe (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998 to have an annual Gas Safety Inspection but it is strongly recommend that home owners should also have any gas appliances serviced and safety checked every 12 months. 

Building Regulation Compliance Certificate

The Building Regulations in England and Wales requires that the installation of any new gas appliance (excluding flue less cookers) must be notified to your local authority. Only Gas Safe Registered engineers can do this. Once notified your local authority will issue a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.

Commercial Boiler Services from £170 (vat free) 

Our specialist team of engineers service and maintain commercial gas and oil boilers in and around Newbury, Thatcham and all the surrounding areas. They also service and safety check commercial kitchen equipment. When contacting us for a free, no obligation quote, please let us know the make and model of your boiler and/or appliances. This information is important and will enable us to provide an accurate quote.

Annual Reminder Service 
We remember so you don't have to!
That's one thing you can off your "to do list" safe in the knowledge that we will send a reminder two weeks before your next service and safety check is due.  

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